Aermacchi Sprint (Harley Davidson Sprint)


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Aermacchi Sprint Kick-start Models

Case Splitter,

and Crank Press tool set!







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This is a disassembly multi-tool for the Aermacchi Sprint models.  It does the work of FOUR different tools! 

1.) Clutch Press - This will apply pressure to the clutch to allow safe removal of the retaining ring and clutch spring.

2). Case Splitter - Applied to the right crank, this tool

          will press the two case halves apart.

3.) Crank Press - Apply to the left crank to remove

          the crank from the cases.

4.) After removing retaining pins from the shift forks

         you can apply this to the mainshaft to press

         out the mainshaft for transmission



This tool will re-install the crank with the use of the crankshaft installer tools listed below!

Aermacchi Sprint Crankshaft

Installer Tool Attachment


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Crankshaft Installer Tool set - This set works with the Clutch/Case/Crank Press / Splitter tool set listed above. 


There are adaptors for both ends of the crank; you simply set the Press/Splitter tool body over either end of the crank, screw in the threadded rod through the press/splitter tool and into the adaptor, then spin the drawing nut tool over that.  It'll pull either end of the crank in cleanly and easily, for installing the crank, closing the cases or measuring end-play.

An invaluable re-assembly tool.

Aermacchi Sprint

Armature Puller Tool



Out of Stock - COMING SOON!




Aermacchi - Harley Sprint Armature puller for generator models. 


Specs: This puller has a left-hand threaded body that screws into the armature tach-drive threads.  Armature opening is approx.  .652 diameter at thread peaks.


Aermacchi Electric Start Models

Clutch Nut Driver



Out of Stock - COMING SOON!


Designed for the Aermacchi / Harley Davidson Sprint 350 Electric Start, but works with many BSA, Triumph, Norton and other motorcycles that use tubular screw-down type nuts to pressurize the clutch.


Our tool is built like a factory-type driver, but with a bonus: 


In the center is a spring-loaded pin. When you place the driver over the nut, the pin is gently pressed back into the tool body, allowing full contact of the driver blade. As the nut withdraws, the pin drops down into the nut, keeping the driver aligned and preventing slippage.

Very quick and easy to use, and the T-handle allows sufficient torque to tighten the nuts correctly.

The tools are made of TIG welded CR steel, with the driver body made of O2 tool steel, oil-quench hardened for durability.

Tool bit diameter: 0.562"
Locating pin diameter: 0.225"
Blade thickness: 0.060" prox